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Brazil Mobilizes To Defend Its Sovereignty over the Amazon

Aug. 25, 2019 (EIRNS)—The Amazon region covers 61% of Brazil’s territory. When French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced they intended to have ongoing forest fires in the Amazon declared an “international eco-emergency” at this weekend’s G7 summit, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and the Armed Forces recognized the threat to the nation, and took action. Under a decree issued by Bolsonaro on Aug. 23, some 43,000 Brazilian soldiers are now being deployed across the Amazon region to fight the forest fires, prevent and shut down environmental crimes—and defend Brazil’s sovereignty.

Led by the British Monarchy, the City of London and their Wall Street appendages have elaborated numerous schemes, for decades, by which to establish supranational control over the Amazon under the pretexts of “saving the environment” and “saving indigenous peoples” from economic development. Blocking any such attempt has been an official tenet of Brazilian national military doctrine since 1990. That year, the Armed Forces’ Superior War College published a document titled “1990-2000: The Vital Decade,” which outlined a ten-year national development perspective, in which it warns that the Amazon “continues to be a target of international avarice.” International ecological movements are specified in some detail as one of the “several layers of sheepskin [worn] to hide its wolfish intentions.” The Brazilian military’s elaboration of that doctrine was influenced at the time by LaRouche’s EIR and its exposés of the British Crown’s World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and related environmentalist movements.

Bolsonaro announced the military deployment in a short address to the nation on Aug. 23. Fires occur every year during the hot, dry and high-wind season in the Amazon, and they are worse in warmer, drier years such as this one, he pointed out. “There are forest fires all over the world, and this cannot serve as a pretext for possible international sanctions” against countries. He further states that there are more than 20 million Brazilians who live in that area, who have been waiting for years to develop along with the rest of the country.

Brazil is open to dialogue, and will do more to combat fires, but “we are responsible for protecting the Amazon,” he emphasized.

Gen. Augusto Heleno, head of Bolsonaro’s Security Cabinet, stated that “the Brazilian Amazon is a patrimony of our people, who will know how to protect it from the threats of those who harm the forest with illegal actions and will react against those who intend to violate our sovereignty.” There is a chorus of similar statements from military leaders, ranging from Army Commander Gen. Edson Leal Pujol, to former Army Commander Gen. Eduardo Villa Boas, who is warning that the statements by Macron and Trudeau “are a direct attack on Brazilian sovereignty, which objectively include the threat of use of military force.”

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