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Former FBI Head Robert Mueller Called Out on Coverup of 9/11 Murders in New York Post

Sept. 8, 2019 (EIRNS)—In a dynamite article in the New York Post, Paul Sperry goes after former FBI Director Robert Mueller as the coverup artist who obstructed investigation of the Saudi role in 9/11, a fact previously highlighted extensively by LaRouche PAC. Sperry uses information from the presently pending lawsuit against the Saudi government by 9/11 victims, which includes affidavits from FBI agents who have come forward regarding the depravity of their former boss.

As highlighted by Sperry:

FBI Agent Stephen Moore, who worked on the 9/11 task force, states in his affidavit for the lawsuit that he concluded that “diplomatic and intelligence personnel of Saudi Arabia knowingly provided material support to two of the terrorist hijackers and facilitated the 9/11 plot,” yet Mueller blocked any interviews of the diplomats and intelligence personnel.

FBI Agent John Guandolo, who worked in Washington, D.C. on the 9/11 cases, states that Saudi royal family member and then-Ambassador to the U.S. Prince Bandar bin Sultan “should have been treated as a terrorist suspect” because of his funding of the women who, in turn, funded two of the hijackers, but all questioning of Bandar was prohibited, and instead, Mueller honored Bandar’s request to fly dozens of Saudi officials out of the country following the attack. According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, FBI agents served as their bodyguards for safe passage out of the country. This escape included a relative of Osama bin Laden already on the terror watch list.

In 2002 Mueller vacated an arrest warrant for Saudi cleric Anwar al-Awlaki for passport fraud, releasing him into the custody of a Saudi official. According to Raymond Fournier,an agent with the Joint Terrorism Task Force in San Diego, al-Awlaki, who counseled the Saudi hijackers, was allowed to leave the U.S., and thereafter orchestrated the November 2009 Fort Hood shootings.

Mueller removed the agent investigating meetings between a member of the Saudi royal family and the hijackers in Sarasota, Florida, effectively killing timely development of that case.

Despite receiving daily briefings from FBI Agent Stephen Moore on the Saudi connections to 9/11 in 2001, Mueller testified before the Congress that he only learned of this connection in 2002 as the result of the Joint Congressional Inquiry’s work, and also lied that the hijackers had contacted no “known terrorist sympathizers” in the U.S., despite FBI files showing contact with 14 terror suspects.

Sperry then highlights the well-known story of Mueller’s obstruction of the Congressional investigation, particularly regarding the San Diego cell of 9/11 hijackers and the classified 28 pages of the Congressional investigation. That investigation, of course, leads right to Prince Bandar and complicit officials in the Bush Administration. Former FBI agent Mark Rossini commented: “I can still see the photo of Bandar and Bush enjoying cigars on the balcony of the White House two days after 9/11.”

Sperry quotes a former counterintelligence official asserting of Mueller: “Maybe if they were Russians, he would have been interested. But he was not interested in investigating Saudi terrorists who murdered Americans.”

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