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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov Warns There Is Still Risk of Nuclear War

Sept. 13, 2019 (EIRNS)—Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov delivered remarks to TASS, yesterday, warning “There is a risk that a nuclear war could break out. Negative dynamics has been especially noticeable over the past year,” Ryabkov said during the presentation of a report, entitled “New Understanding and Ways of Enhancing Multilateral Strategic Stability.” Ryabkov said that Western government moves are becoming more emotional and sometimes aggressive.

“They are avoiding a substantive discussion on overdue issues and are stonewalling the work of dialogue channels, continue shattering the architecture of arms control and are deliberately pursuing a blatantly destructive line towards ruining effective treaty mechanisms in the sphere of security and stability, which had been in place for dozens of years,”

Ryabkov explained. “This is a very dangerous and irresponsible behavior. It may trigger rather negative consequences for strategic stability.”

Ryabkov particularly stressed the Russian view of the importance of maintaining arms control mechanisms. “As for the military sphere, we are speaking about maintaining and strengthening control over armaments, including limiting strategic potentials,” he said. “We are speaking about a higher level of trust and predictability, about refraining from such military and political steps, which could be viewed by other international community members as a threat, forcing them to take retaliatory measures.”

He continued: “We are in favor of resuming full-fledged negotiations on ensuring strategic stability and international security.... We expect our counterparts across the pond to be ready for a meaningful and interested dialogue.” According to Ryabkov, Washington is reluctant to discuss the fact that “a multilateral approach towards arms control and strategic stability should take into account the nuclear capabilities of the United States’ NATO allies” Britain and France.

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