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Moscow and Beijing Sign Nearly Two Dozen Agreements during Li Keqiang’s Russia Visit

Sept. 18, 2019 (EIRNS)—Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Russia began on Sept. 16. It was the 24th regular meeting of heads of the Russian and Chinese governments and took place in St. Petersburg on Sept. 17.

Following their meeting, Premier Dmitry Medvedev said the talks showed that “the Russian-Chinese comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation has entered a new stage.”  Medvedev stated that Moscow and Beijing plan to increase trade from $108 billion to $200 billion by 2024, which they will achieve through joint projects in energy, industry, high-tech sector and agriculture. “At the meeting, we exchanged views on key areas of cooperation, touched upon the issues of interconnection between the Eurasian Economic Union and China’s One Belt One Road initiative,” Medvedev said. “Of course, we are committed to deepen cooperation further in all areas, achieving concrete mutually beneficial results,” said Medvedev. “We maintain a close dialogue. Our bilateral practical ties are expanding, filling up with new content. This is especially significant in the year when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our country and China.”

Referring to the fact that the two countries signed almost two dozen agreements, Medvedev went on: “These are, indeed, significant documents. I would specifically mention those relate to cooperation on science and space, while the Economic Development Ministry and the Ministry of Commerce (of China) have adopted a roadmap to stimulate and develop mutual trade in goods and services until 2024.”

Roscosmos Director Dmitry Rogozin and China National Space Administration Director Zhang Kejian signed an agreement on cooperation in the establishment of the Joint Moon and Outer Space Research Center. This includes an agreement in the coordination of the Russian mission using Luna 26 orbiter and the Chinese research mission of the Moon’s polar area Chang’e-7.

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