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UN Climate Action Summit Is a City of London/Wall Street Anti-Industry Show

Sept. 23, 2019 (EIRNS)—With a four-year-building bankers’ dictatorship plan looming over it, the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York today featured speakers who appeared as actors all speaking the same, “climate emergency/green transformation” line. Some, like Wall Street billionaire eco-fascist Michael Bloomberg, were clearly very witting that the “time had come” for plans to shut down fossil fuel energy and industry, which they had pushed for years. Others, such as some heads of state and government, were saying what was required of them by the ostensible global consensus of green “experts.”

The first panel, billed as “Youth Dialogue with Secretary-General,” showcasing Swedish teen media creation Greta Thunberg, featured her furious threats of a youth revolution delivered against an audience of UN and national officials. The 16-year-old girl’s contorted, grimacing face and clenched fists, her groans of affected victimization and shouted imprecations have to be seen and heard, to grasp how cynically she is being used to achieve what some desperate bankers want to pull off.

When the teen terror finished, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said meekly: “Do what the young people want us to do.”

Next, in several panels including heads of state and government, German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged Germany’s entire “exit” from both nuclear and coal, new fuel tax increases, new “renewables” subsidies, €4 billion to the Global Climate Fund, and to “convert our transportation”—from cars to bicycles, perhaps. Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö and New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said their countries would complete these “exits” even faster than Germany. Merkel did not mention the economic surveys released the same day, which show the famous powerhouse German economy falling into a deep industrial and manufacturing recession under her austerity government.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had been attacked by that morning’s New York Times as a “champion of coal” and who should not be allowed to speak at the Climate Summit, said that India would have 170 gigawatts of “renewable” power by 2022 and 400 GW by 2030. He probably, reasonably, included both nuclear and hydropower in that category.

The billionaire ex-New York Mayor and UN Special Envoy for Climate Change Michael Bloomberg, delivered the bankers’ message to the audience which by then included President Donald Trump, whom Bloomberg seemed to be insulting personally. He said: “Since we started ‘Beyond Coal’ in 2011, more than half the United States’ coal plants have closed—297 out of 530. Through Beyond Coal, we will close every remaining one of those.... Today Bloomberg Philanthropies is expanding our global coal work with the aim of reaching the goal the Secretary General has called for: No new coal plants after 2020.” Besides Bloomberg, no less than three of what are doubtless the “most principled” international bankers addressed the summit. The most influential green fascist banker among them was the Bank of England’s outgoing governor, and IMF managing director in waiting, Mark Carney.

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