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Trump Unhappy with His Own Cabinet’s China Policy

Sept. 24, 2019 (EIRNS)—At an event yesterday where President Donald Trump was speaking alongside Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the press asked who had “delayed” a Chinese agricultural trade delegation visiting Montana and Nebraska to purchase agro products. Mnuchin stated that it had been done at the administration’s request. Trump then asked Mnuchin in front of everybody: “Why was that our request, just out of curiosity?” Mnuchin responded that the U.S. side “didn’t want confusion around the trade issues.”

To which President Trump responded, “Yeah, but I want them to buy farm products.”

Mnuchin then explained: “There was no confusion. We want them to buy agriculture. They’ve committed to buy agriculture. And they’re doing that.”

The President reiterated his intent: “They’ve committed to buy a lot of agriculture, and they’re going to start, and they’ve started. And we should get them over there as soon as possible so they can start buying.”

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