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Trump Responds to Media on Relations with Russia and Aid to Ukraine

Oct. 3, 2019 (EIRNS)—Speaking Oct. 2 at a joint White House press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, President Donald Trump said the United States will get along with Russia despite the current domestic political turmoil, in response to a question about Rep. Adam Schiff and the whistleblower against Trump: “Let me just tell you: The whole thing is a scam.  The Mueller deal was a scam. The Russian collusion was a scam. You can ask Putin. Nobody has been rougher on Russia than Donald Trump, okay?

“Now, with that being said, it would be great to get along with Russia.  And we will get along with Russia, because it’s smart.  But nobody has been tougher on Russia than Donald Trump.”

Indicating he was prepared to take his false accuser to court, Trump replied to a Reuters question:

“And just so you know, we’ve been investigating, on a personal basis—through Rudy [Giuliani] and others, lawyers—corruption in the 2016 election. We’ve been investigating corruption, because I probably will—I was going to definitely—but I probably will be bringing a lot of litigation against a lot of people having to do with the corrupt investigation, having to do with the 2016 election....

“And I have every right to do that.  Because the way they’ve treated me and other people—they’ve destroyed people.  They’ve destroyed their lives with a phony charge that never existed.... And that was collusion.  Never existed.... And in the end, they couldn’t find one damn thing. They couldn’t find one thing about Donald Trump having to do with collusion.  This is after two years and spending $42 million.”

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