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Boris Johnson May Refuse To Step Down, Even in a No-Confidence Vote, To Implement Brexit

Oct. 6, 2019 (EIRNS)—London’s Sunday Times headlines today: “Sack Me If You Dare, Boris Johnson Will Tell the Queen.” It goes on: “Boris Johnson will dare the Queen to sack him rather than resign as prime minister in an attempt to drive through Brexit on Oct. 31, cabinet ministers have revealed.”

Johnson’s revised Brexit plan has been panned by the EU, but he plans to continue discussion this week to win approval. But his aides told the Times (they claim), that he was prepared to “squat” in Downing Street, “even if MPs declare no confidence in his government and agree a caretaker prime minister to replace him.”

There is no law demanding Johnson must step down after a no-confidence vote, and since his opponents in the Labour Party and the rebel Tories refuse to vote for a new election (believing they would all lose their seats!), Johnson believes he can just stay on and put through a no-deal Brexit, they report.

The Times adds that

“Senior Tories also claimed Johnson would sit tight if he were found in contempt of court for ignoring the Benn Act, a law passed by remainer MPs to prevent no deal, unless he faces jail. One senior figure said: ‘Unless the police turn up at the doors of 10 Downing Street with a warrant for the prime minister’s arrest, he won’t be leaving.’ ”

There is talk among MPs and Peers of putting together a majority in the Commons composed of opposition MPs and rebel Tories to cobble together a new majority government, but Johnson could simply refuse to step down.

Of course, the Queen could fire Johnson—the last time that happened was 1834! She could also dissolve Parliament and call an election herself—but there is little chance Queen ER would take such action on her own.

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