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Xi Proposes to Modi To ‘Map Out 100-Year Plan for the Relations’ between China and India

Oct. 13, 2019 (EIRNS)—In their just-concluded second informal summit in Mamallapuram, India, Chinese President Xi Jinping laid out to his host Narendra Modi a far-sighted perspective on how the world’s two most populous nations can lead their nations forward:

“We must hold the rudder and steer the course of China-India relations, map out a hundred-year plan for the relations from a strategic and long-term perspective, inject a strong endogenous impetus into bilateral relations, and work together to realize the great rejuvenation of our two great civilizations.”

In reporting Xi’s comments, Xinhua wrote that Xi said that

“China and India are the only two countries with a population of more than 1 billion, noting that maintaining and developing good relations between the two countries is China’s unwavering policy. Under the current international circumstances, the two countries shoulder increasingly important responsibilities in safeguarding global stability and promoting development, he said, adding that the next few years will be a crucial period for China and India to realize national rejuvenation and also will be a crucial period for the development of China-India relations.”

With both sides well aware of the tensions that have strained relations between the two countries recently, including armed border incidents, Xi then presented six specific proposals which Xinhua summarized as follows:

“First, Xi said, China and India need to correctly view each other’s development and enhance strategic mutual trust.... China hopes itself will develop well and wishes India the same, said the president, adding that the two countries should help each other to accomplish their respective goals and ‘brighten up’ each other.

“Second, Xi urged China and India to have timely and effective strategic communication ... dispel suspicions and doubts, and properly handle differences and sensitive issues. To solve the boundary issue, the two countries should seek a solution that is fair, reasonable and acceptable to both sides, he said....

“Third, the two countries should effectively improve military and security exchanges and cooperation, Xi urged ... including professional cooperation and joint training ... and maintain regional security and stability, Xi said.

“Fourth, China and India should deepen pragmatic cooperation and tighten ties of interests, Xi said. The two countries should take the establishment of a high-level economic and trade dialogue mechanism as an opportunity to strengthen the alignment of their economic development strategies, and seek to build a partnership in manufacturing industry....

“Fifth, they should enrich cultural and people-to-people exchanges and consolidate the foundation of friendship Xi added that they need to support the establishment of friendly ties between China’s Fujian Province and India’s State of Tamil Nadu, as well as those between cities of Quanzhou [Fujian] and Chennai [Tamil Nadu], to write a new chapter of the Maritime Silk Road.

“Sixth, China and India should strengthen cooperation in international and regional affairs ... within the framework of multilateral mechanisms including the G20, the BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the China-Russia-India cooperation.”

Modi responded positively, according to Xinhua, stating that

“under the current international situation filled with uncertainties, the efforts of India and China, two major ancient civilizations and developing countries, to strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation and to maintain steady development of bilateral ties bear positive and important significance to both countries and the world.”

Modi also said India

“is looking forward to fully utilizing the high-level economic and trade dialogue mechanism to promote a balanced and sustainable development of bilateral trade, adding that India welcomes more Chinese enterprises to invest in its manufacturing and other industries.”

Xinhua also emphasized that

“Speaking highly of Xi’s foresight and sagacity, as well as sincerity and pragmatism, Modi said India and China should not only face history, but also forge ahead to create a future, as the world peace and mankind’s progress require the two countries’ cooperation in the 21st century. Noting that he attaches great importance to the friendship with Xi, Modi said he is willing to maintain such conducive and effective strategic communication with Xi and together create a beautiful future for India-China relations. The prime minister said he is also looking forward to meeting with Xi again in China.”

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