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The ‘Ted Cruz Jacobin Brigade’ Again Unleashed To Trash and Vandalize Hong Kong

Oct. 14, 2019 (EIRNS)—Following Sen. Ted Cruz’s appearance in Hong Kong dressed in black, to “show solidarity” with the violent, psychotic gangs in Hong Kong, incited to wanton destruction of all signs of civilization across the city, the mobs again, on Sunday, laid waste to wide areas of the city. The city’s South China Morning Post runs video, mostly taken by the gangs themselves, smashing and burning banks, subway stations, and grocery stores. Bank of China, Huawei, and other mainland companies got the worst of it.

Under the headline, “Hong Kong Protestors Go On Yet Another Rampage, Attacking Police, Meting Out Mob Justice and Trashing Train Stations and Mainland China-Linked Businesses,” SCMP writes: “Anti-government protesters went on yet another violent rampage across Hong Kong on Sunday, attacking police officers, one of whom was slashed in the neck with a box cutter—meting out mob justice to people in their way, vandalizing shops with mainland Chinese business ties, and trashing metro stations. They blocked roads, trashed or firebombed Bank of China outlets, and attacked administrative buildings as well as offices of pro-establishment politicians.... A video circulating online showed a lone riot policeman being attacked by masked, black-clad radicals, one of whom drop-kicked the officer as he was trying to make an arrest in Mong Kok. Police said they had tried to snatch his rifle, which he managed to hold on to.” The two attacks on police officers are shown in the video.

Cruz is only the most public of the British and American sponsors of the mass violence and destruction, aimed openly at bringing down the government in Beijing, not only in Hong Kong. In an appearance on “Face the Nation” on CBS News Sunday morning, from Hong Kong, dressed in the anarchist black outfit, Cruz ranted: “It’s inspiring, 2 million people came to the streets to stand up for freedom and democracy and against the oppression of the Chinese Communist regime.... All of our allies are facing this increased aggressiveness from China.”

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