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Putin Greeted in United Arab Emirates, as Jets Paint Sky with Russian Flag Tricolor

Oct. 15, 2019 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in the U.A.E. today, for meetings on regional issues as well as business and space cooperation with Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed and other top U.A.E. officials. However, Putin did not merely receive the usual red carpet welcome. “Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the United Arab Emirates has been celebrated in a way that could startle even a VIP guest who has seen it all, as it included a horse escort alongside his vehicle and what appeared to be cars from the Russian road police,” Sputnik reported today. The report included video of the horse escort carrying Russian and U.A.E. flags, as well as a flight of U.A.E. air force jets that painted the sky in the white-blue-red tricolor of the Russian flag. The streets were decorated with Russian and U.A.E. flags, and Putin’s motorcade was accompanied by two U.A.E. police cars made up to look like Russian police cars. One Russian journalist captioned the image: “How far signs of respect can go.”

In reporting on the agreements that Putin signed while in Abu Dhabi, TASS highlighted those dealing with space, business and investments. Putin pledged that Russia is willing to advance cooperation with the United Arab Emirates in the space field. He named satellite navigation and launching spacecraft into orbit as promising areas of cooperation. “The space exploration cooperation has reached a new level,” he told bin Zayed. Putin extended congratulations to the U.A.E. leadership after astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori successfully travelled to the International Space Station, becoming the first person from the U.A.E. in space. “This breakthrough became possible due to our friendship and your effort to advance this very idea.” Al Mansoori even presented Putin with a medal.

In the realm of business cooperation, Putin and his hosts signed documents including a memorandum of understanding between Russia’s Ministry of Energy and the U.A.E.’s Ministry of Energy and Industry in energy cooperation; a memorandum of understanding between Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom and the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation on cooperation in the area of peaceful use of nuclear energy; a concession agreement between Russia’s oil major Lukoil and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company on the Gasha gas field. There were also a number of cooperation agreements signed involving the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Lukoil, Gazprom and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

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