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Grayzone Bombshell on Identity of Biden’s Ukraine Regime Change in 2014 and Impeachment Now

Oct. 16, 2019 (EIRNS)—In a piece published on Oct. 13th in his Grayzone website, and reprinted in Consortium News, Max Blumenthal has dropped a grenade into the ongoing impeachment process. (See “D.C.’s Atlantic Council Raked in Funding from Hunter Biden’s Corruption-Stained Ukrainian Employer While Courting His VP Father.”)

His topic: Some of the actual reasons why the regime change operation in Ukraine in 2014, and the continuing regime change operation in the United States from 2016 forward, are one continuous operation involving the same individuals and institutions. Blumenthal concentrates his piece on the central NATO/British infiltration institution in the United States, the Atlantic Council. As part of the public relations cleansing of the very, very dirty Ukrainian corporation Burisma, on which the cocaine-addicted Hunter Biden and his partner, Devon Archer, were awarded board seats, the Atlantic Council is receiving $250,000 a year from Burisma to support “anti-corruption” and governance initiatives in Ukraine, and regime change operations directed at Russia’s Putin.

In 2014, Joe Biden, one of the Atlantic Council’s favorite mandarins, appeared at the Council to underline one of the primary reasons for the Ukraine coup: The intention to capture Ukrainian gas supplies for American companies through fracking, and to end one of the primary sources of revenue for the Russian economy. Biden’s speech focused on supplying Europe with non-Russian sources of natural gas which Biden deemed a “game changer.” Capturing Burisma, which held most of the land in Eastern Ukraine targeted for U.S. and other fracking efforts, and papering over its more-than-apparent criminal reality, was a primary goal of Biden’s efforts. In addition, conducting a proxy war against Eastern Ukraine—the target, again, for these fracking activities—was also a primary goal of the Atlantic Council and Joe Biden. They famously used neo-Nazis followers of Stepan Bandera both in the coup and in their war in Eastern Ukraine to accomplish this.

Blumenthal highlights examples of the pay-for-play nature of the Atlantic Council, in which strategic policies can be dictated to Washington’s elites for a price, provided the petitioning country or its overlords are willing to pay up. In the past ten years, the quango’s revenues have grown from $2 million to over $20 million a year. The anti-tank Javelin missiles which Biden and the Atlantic Council have advocated for years should be the “lethal assistance” awarded to Ukraine’s former corrupt and far-right regimes, are made by Raytheon and Lockheed, both major funders of the Atlantic Council. In addition to Burisma’s nominal owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, the Atlantic Council also receives major funding from Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk, who has also donated millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Blumenthal documents how Hunter Biden’s appointment to Burisma’s Board was a widely known and controversial appointment back in 2014, attracting substantial media scrutiny well before Rudy Giuliani’s investigations on behalf of his client, President Donald Trump. He contrasts the decimation of Ukraine’s economy with Joe Biden as viceroy, to his ne’er-do-well son reaping $50,000 a month or more for PR efforts on behalf of a rightfully disgraced oligarch.

After the U.S. effort succeeded in temporarily clearing Burisma of all criminal charges in 2017, Burisma inked its deal with the Atlantic Council, represented by former U.S. Ambassador John Herbst. Herbst heads the Council’s Eurasia Desk, which has been central to regime-change operations in the region. Although Blumenthal does not mention this, Herbst is a mentor to fired U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

Despite the Bidens and the Atlantic Council, whose efforts to whitewash Burisma continue, Blumenthal demonstrates that Burisma is still considered a criminal entity by Ukrainians and institutional financiers. The chief attack dog defending Joe Biden’s corruption and war crimes, is Michael Carpenter, Joe Biden’s former lead foreign policy advisor and now—hold your breath—a Fellow at the Atlantic Council. Carpenter and Blumenthal have had a continuing confrontation over Carpenter’s attempt to whitewash the neo-Nazi nature of the Azov Brigade and many of the key participants whom Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland used to conduct the Ukraine coup.

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