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Craig Murray Documents the Slow Killing of Julian Assange

Oct. 24, 2019 (EIRNS)—Craig Murray, former U.K. ambassador to Uzbekistan, published an article from his blog, which was reprinted in Consortium News Oct. 22, documenting the physical and mental decline of Julian Assange, under British imprisonment, at American instruction. Murray prefaces his depiction of the torture of Assange, by saying he has received numerous requests to republish or translate the piece, and responds: “It is absolutely free to use and reproduce and I should be delighted if everybody does; the world should know what is being done to Julian.”

As EIR, Murray, and others have repeatedly documented, Assange is being killed before our very eyes, slowly, deliberately.  The man in position to prove that the U.S. population was lied to, repeatedly, about the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” hoax is to be eliminated.   It is imperative for the oligarchy to demonstrate:  This is what happens when your dissent passes our red lines into something actually potent.   It is well past time to destroy, completely, any legitimacy which these imperial bastards continue to enjoy in anyone’s eyes.

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