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Soros Buys Up U.S. Congress in Run-Up to Democrats’ Impeachment Campaign

Oct. 29, 2019 (EIRNS)—No surprises here. The world’s leading spokesman for the menticidal drug trade, known British-asset and looting speculator, George Soros, dumped record amounts of money into buying up the U.S. Congress in the third quarter of 2019: $15.9 million, in fact, according to media reports on the latest report filed with relevant Congressional officials by Soros’s Congressional lobbying arm, the Open Society Policy Center (OSPC).

That $15.9 million is almost triple what the OSPC spent in the prior quarter ($5.9 million), according to Politico’s Oct. 22 report.

Call that money spent for impeachment. Soros promised the New York Times in the interview published Oct. 25, that the “aberration” of President Donald Trump can be ended in 2020. (That’s the same interview in which he nominated Elizabeth Warren as the leading candidate for 2020.)

One America News Network, in its report on OSPC’s filing, pointed out that the OSPC had spent more than $72 million since January 2017—when Trump assumed the Presidency—as compared to only $4 million per year it had spent on lobbying Congress from 2002 to 2016. In other words, Soros more than quadrupled the funds he poured into Congress once Trump entered the White House.

Putting a fine point on the matter, Roll Call reported on Oct. 22 that Sarah Margon, OSPC director of foreign policy advocacy, said in an email that the OSPC is working on a bipartisan basis to get members of Congress in both parties to live up to their responsibilities, “not only when it comes to authorizing the use of force but more generally across a range of other related national security powers and oversight obligations.”

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