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Pelosi’s ‘Public Impeachment’ Is More of the Same Scam

Oct. 30, 2019 (EIRNS)—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will present her plan for a “public” impeachment process as a bill to be voted on by the full House on Thursday, Oct. 31, claiming that this will meet the demands of the Republicans. It is certainly true that the Democrats were forced by what they themselves admit was a highly successful attack by Trump on the Star Chamber charade that the Democrats have been holding in secret these past weeks, but it is far from the case that they are turning it into an honest process.

The bill establishes a two-stage process of public hearings (while the secret ones will likely continue). First, the House Intelligence Committee under Shifty Adam Schiff will hold public hearings, but President Donald Trump will not be allowed to have a representative there to confront his accusers. While ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA) will be allowed to “suggest” witnesses, he will be required to submit requests with “detailed written justification of the relevancy of the testimony” to Lord Schiff, who at his own prerogative can reject the request as irrelevant. One cannot help but recall Federal Judge Albert Bryan in the trial of Lyndon LaRouche in Virginia, pontificating that all the defendants’ nonsense about government misconduct (that had just been proven in Boston Federal court) was totally irrelevant and would not be allowed. “This case is about money!”

Following some period of time in the Intelligence Committee, Lord Schiff will write up a report and hand it on the Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, who will run Part 2. The President will be allowed representation, but, the bill says, if the President should “unlawfully refuse to make witnesses available, or to produce documents,” then “the Chair shall have the discretion to impose remedies, including denying requests by the President to call or question witnesses.” So much for Presidential prerogatives. So much for “democracy.”

The intent, as in the LaRouche case, is to keep the truth off the table—in this case, the reality of the coup plotters, and the Ukrainian role in particular. “This case is about quid pro quo!” roars Lord Schiff. (See “The LaRouche Case: Mueller’s First Hit Job,” on the Schiller Institute website.)

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