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Sham Impeachment Inquiry Proceeds—It’s Up to America’s Citizens To Stop It

Oct. 31. 2019 (EIRNS)—The U.S. House of Representatives voted today 232-196, to continue their sham impeachment proceeding.  The vote was absolutely along partisan lines. As will be noted by some, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier said she would not pursue impeachment if it was not bipartisan. She is doing it anyway on behalf of what the President calls “the military-industrial complex” which runs her, and the LaRouche forces call the City of London financiers—and on behalf of a rabid base, which pays, handsomely, for insanity and destructiveness to the very fabric of the Republic.

Congress then proceeded to declare a 12-day recess, starting Thursday, Oct. 31, when they will be back in their districts. So far, two Democrats broke ranks: Colin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.  The Democrats in Trump and swing districts need to hear it now from the population: Cut it out, move on, we will elect anybody but you in 2020, if you continue to imperil our Republic. Despite press coverage deliberately designed to induce pessimism in the population, impeachment in the House is not a foregone conclusion.

The procedures adopted today are a gross affront to the Constitution. The same is true of Adam Schiff’s séance in the “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility” (SCIF) in the basement of the House which preceded this vote over the last few weeks, a virtual replica of the English Star Chamber.  Lately Schiff has completely barred Republicans from asking questions of witnesses or has instructed witnesses not to answer questions by Republicans.  The impeachment rules passed by the House today now say, explicitly, that everything Schiff has done to date is sanctified, immune from any type of review.  It is as if a confession were extracted, using heinous torture, with the battered body of the accused banned from public view, while the written product is produced at a trial in perfect English with no ability to examine the circumstances under which it was obtained.

Under the rules, Schiff’s Star Chamber will continue until he determines to switch to a public hearing setting. Then and only then will the Republicans be able to ask questions and the President have counsel. Even then, the Republicans cannot issue subpoenas for witnesses without Schiff’s approval, and Schiff decides which transcripts can be made public.  The public hearing will then result in a report to the Judiciary Committee for purposes of a formal impeachment hearing. In the meantime, the campaign of secrecy and designated leaks to a fawning media aimed at driving the President’s favorability down will continue.

The answer is not legalisms.  It is with the citizenry, restive and already very, very suspicious about what is happening, to act to shut the whole thing down, telling their Senators and Representatives: move on, do the nation’s business, enact the promise of removing the globalist financier succubus which we voted to remove in 2016.

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