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Xi Jinping Gives Carrie Lam Full Support To Resolve Hong Kong Chaos

Nov. 4, 2019 (EIRNS)—Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam met with President Xi Jinping today in Shanghai before the opening of the second China International Import Expo on Nov. 5, for their first meeting in the 23 weeks of color revolution violence in Hong Kong. Xi told Lam:

“The central government has high trust on you and fully affirmed by the work of you and the governance team of Hong Kong. To curb the violence and stop the chaos in accordance with the law is still the most important task faced by Hong Kong.”

Lam is going to Beijing on Nov. 6 for what South China Morning Post called an “unscheduled meeting with Vice-Premier Han Zheng,” quoting sources saying this would involve key policy directives regarding Hong Kong, including national security laws.

Xinhua reported that Xi’s meeting with Lam today was also attended by Politburo member and top diplomat Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi, who oversees the country’s police force.

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