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British Tory Candidate Dubbed the So-Called Climate Crisis, a ‘Socialist Trojan Horse’

Nov. 7, 2019 (EIRNS)—Craig Morley, a Conservative Party parliamentary candidate for Britain’s upcoming general elections, has declared that the “dangerous climate change theory relies on shaky evidence,” wrote the Guardian. Morley is a former Foreign Office official who dealt with climate change and energy policy for south China and is running for a marginal Labour Party-held seat in Reading.

In a posting on his official website, he said: “The alarmism and lexicon of emergency used in the current debate has lost sense of reality and proportion. There is no developing catastrophe and no smoking gun. We used to have a science where scientists make a claim or hypothesis, and then tested it against independent data. If they failed, they went back and started again. Today, all that seems to matter is who shouts the loudest.

“Stripped of the theater of hype, cheerleading rent-seekers, alarmist headlines, Extinction Rebellion stunts, climate emergencies and even Greta Thunberg’s lectures, the stark truth is that the modern ‘climate emergency’ movement is about politics and wealth redistribution, not science.

“It is a socialist Trojan horse for delivering failed socialist economic policies through using the emotive lexicon of ‘emergency,’ disaster, and doom-mongering.”

Morley also approves the views of 500 “scientists and professionals” from Clintel, a Dutch anti-climate change thinktank and the U.K.’s similar Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Morley has said: “There is consensus that Earth has warmed. There is no consensus on what will happen in future, or what the impacts will be.”

Morley said:

“Tackling climate change is vital but independent experts and even Labour’s own unions say their promises don’t stack up. The GMB [energy union] said ‘wishful thinking doesn’t generate the power we need to heat homes, keep the lights on and the economy functioning.’ ”

By contrast many Tories are doing some serious fudging on the issue, some expressing skepticism and other saying a Conservative government will decarbonize the economy before a Labour Party government could.

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