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Sen. Rand Paul Exposes Unfair Attack on Trump That Ignores Obama and Biden

Nov. 10, (EIRNS)—Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stated in an interview with NBC News’ Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” Sunday morning that the American public will see it as unfair and partisan for Democrats to attempt to impeach President Donald Trump for threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine because of corruption—that is, “doing the same thing President Obama, Vice-President Biden and other Presidents have done.”

The American people will not regard it as fair when only President Trump’s intervention is attacked, Senator Paul said, when in fact, starting with Obama and Biden, “I would make the argument that every politician in Washington, other than me, virtually, is trying to manipulate Ukraine to their purposes,” either to start investigations or to end investigations. He also named Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Mark Warner (D-VA). Under constant interruptions from “host” Chuck Todd, Senator Paul had no time to reference those Democrat Senators’ “quid pro quo” letter of 2017 which made aid to Ukraine dependent on its producing dirt on “Russian interference” and Paul Manafort.

Paul also stressed that the President not only has authority, but is required by law to withhold aid from countries designated as “corrupt,” as Ukraine has clearly been.

Challenged as to whether he were “an impartial juror” on impeachment in the Senate, Paul replied forcefully that what is planned in the House of Representatives is “not even really a trial,” if the defendant can’t call witnesses.

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