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Chinese Media Say Hong Kong Protesters Acting Like ‘Terrorists’ and Could Be ‘Shot Dead on the Spot’

Nov. 12, 2019 (EIRNS)—Global Times published an editorial yesterday whose tone indicates that many in China now believe that the situation in Hong Kong has reached the end of the line. Noting that recent incidents include setting civilians on fire, stabbing opposition politicians, and attempting to seize policemen’s weapons, the editorial warns that many of the protesters are acting like “terrorists,” and if they keep it up, they run the risk of “being shot dead on the spot.”

The editorial states, in part:

“As a mainland media concerned about the ongoing situation in Hong Kong, the Global Times firmly supports the Hong Kong police in shooting down the rioters under the above-mentioned circumstances. The use of force by the Hong Kong police re-established the power of legal justice that was despised by radical protesters: Attacking and threatening the police in the process of law enforcement should face all kinds of legal risks, including being shot dead on the spot.

“We strongly condemn the barbarism of the mobs that set fire to an ordinary citizen who disagrees with them. Their heinous performance is no different from that of terrorists. Claiming democracy and freedom, the rioters cannot tolerate people who express different perspectives. They are showing vicious and primitive autocratic fanaticism.... They are creating terror that is unprecedented in any civilized society, by fatally stabbing pro-establishment legislator, throwing Molotov cocktails into courts and setting ordinary people on fire.

“Actions must be taken to resolutely control the increasingly rampant mobs. It is time for all Hongkongers to step forward to defend the city’s rule of law. We want to tell Hong Kong police: Fear nothing and resolutely guard the city’s peace and tranquility in accordance with law.... When necessary, the People’s Armed Police Force and the People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison will back you up in accordance with the Basic Law.”

A similar editorial about Hong Kong published by China Daily is somewhat milder in tone, but it particularly goes after the Hong Kong judiciary for handing out “extraordinarily light sentences.”

“The leniency Hong Kong judges have so far demonstrated toward the offenders involved in the months-long unrest—by allowing them to apply for bail on easy terms and handing down extraordinarily light sentences—has also served to encourage inhuman terrorist acts. So far, more than 3,000 people have been arrested for various offenses including assault occasioning bodily harm and arson during the five months of turbulence. But none of the arrestees has been jailed. Thanks to the judicial leniency, many rioters have made themselves repeat offenders.”

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