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LaRouche Movement Hits Green Fascism Hard in South Africa and Europe

Nov. 13, 2019 (EIRNS)—With the fate of South Africa’s economy and people in the balance, LaRouche South Africa leader Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane struck hard yesterday for the future of nuclear and fusion power, and against British Malthusian plans for that country in a statement, headlined “Nuclear Energy Now and Fusion Later, or It’s Genocide.” Tsokolibane hits them with the “Four Laws” of Lyndon LaRouche, which require advanced nuclear fission and fusion, and space exploration “crash programs” as well as Glass-Steagall bank separation and Hamiltonian national banking for productive credit.

Tsokolibane and LaRouche South Africa there are working to defeat a British scheme, which would throw away tens of billions of dollars on shutting down coal-fired electric power to millions of people, while dooming nuclear power. Africa’s most technologically advanced country—one of the few with a national electricity distribution grid—would be completely impoverished by such a folly.

That British scheme has been rejected in South Africa’s government consideration so far, in a victory for sanity and human survival. South Africa’s Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe told his fellow African energy ministers the Nov. 4-8 “Africa Oil Week” in Cape Town: “Energy is the catalyst for growth. They even want to tell us to switch off all the coal-generated power stations.... You tell them, ‘You know we can do that, but you’ll breathe fresh air in the darkness.’ ”

Fully 600 million people in Africa along have no access to electricity, whatsoever, and coal makes up 80% of the energy the continent does have. Tsokolibane wants not only to stop the crazy British-inspired anti-coal scheme—which was supposed to be South Africa’s genuflection to the global depopulation plan known as the Paris Climate Accord. He is also committed to the full development of nuclear power and advanced reactors, which South Africa is uniquely capable of doing, and to its contribution to breakthroughs to fusion power and plasma technologies for the future.

The LaRouche South Africa leader’s statement on this fight will appear in the Nov. 22 issue EIR.

At the same time the Schiller Institute in Europe, under Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s leadership, is organizing among farmer and industrial circles who are threatened with being smashed by the Paris Climate Accord mafia and the EU’s ban on economic cooperation with Russia and with China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

European farmer demonstrations, showing outrage at low farm prices, environmentalist taxes and “anti-meat” campaigns, for instance by universities, are continuing later this week and through a Nov. 26 mass tractor protest in Berlin. The Schiller Institute’s leaflet in the demonstrations is “Defend the Common Good against Green EU Dictatorship and Financial Cartels!”

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