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Biden Network Coordinating Ukraine Hoax in Phony Impeachment Surfaces

Nov. 18, 2019 (EIRNS)—Associated Press released an article this morning intended to contradict Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s statements that he felt no pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump about opening an investigation of the Bidens. Instead, the article itself surfaces the Biden-Ukraine State Department alumni network as a central coordinating point for the phony impeachment probe.

According to the article, then President-elect Zelensky met on May 7th with twoof his top aides, “as well as Andriy Kobolyev, head of the state-owned natural gas company Naftogaz, and Amos Hochstein, an American who sits on the Ukrainian company’s supervisory board,” to air concerns about pressure from the Trump Administration. Ahead of the meeting, writes AP, Hochstein told U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch why he was being called in. By Hochstein’s account, Zelensky tried to disguise the real purpose of the meeting by stating it was about energy.

According to the bogus AP story, “Hochstein separately briefed two U.S. Embassy officials, Suriya Jayanti and Joseph Pennington, about Zelensky’s concerns, said the two people who spoke to the AP. Jayanti and Pennington took notes on the meeting, the people said.” After the meeting and after Yovanovitch’s recall to the U.S. from Kiev, Hochstein traveled to Washington to update her on the meeting.

Given the players here, it is probable that Hochstein and others were attempting to play Zelensky and threaten him should he open investigations into Burisma and/or into Ukrainian operations against 2016 candidate Trump. The story surfacing at this point with the allusion to notes being taken by the U.S. Embassy officials who met with Hochstein, is designed to put pressure on Zelensky to change his “no Trump pressure” declarations.

Given Biden’s deep involvement in Ukraine, there are bound to be other revelations surfaced by this network in Biden’s defense. This is why the bogus whistleblower’s testimony is so essential in developing the actual story. The individual identified by multiple outlets is a Biden aide. He was assigned to do Ukraine work for Joe Biden by the CIA’s John Brennan. He met with Alexandra Chalupa, the lead case officer for Ukraine’s actions against Trump in 2016, some 27 times in the Obama White House. He was kicked out of the Trump White House on suspicion of being a major leaker.

Hochstein was the State Department official working as an aide to Biden on gaining control of Ukraine’s natural gas industry, for purposes of shutting down Russian gas supplies to Europe while opening Ukrainian reserves to exploitation by Royal Dutch Shell and similar energy pirates.  Not surprisingly, he sits on the board of the Atlantic Council which for years has, in conjunction with Joe Biden, put forth a variety of schemes to shut down Russian gas production, in an effort to financially cripple the country.

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