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City of London Financial Times Hails, ‘Wall Street Thrills to Idea of Bloomberg for President’

Nov. 19, 2019 (EIRNS)—The prospect of the Presidential candidacy of Sir Michael Mousolini Bloomberg is causing ecstasies in the City of London-Wall Street crowd. The Financial Times on Nov. 18 ran an article datelined from Washington and New York City, headlined, “Wall Street Thrills to Idea of Bloomberg for President.” This echoes such stateside hoopla for Bloomberg as an opinion column Nov. 8 in the New York Times, “Run, Mike, Run!” The coverage is as dissociated from the disdain for the billionaire held by most voters, as it is a blatant endorsement of Bloomberg because he backs the casino monetary system.

The Financial Times begins its coverage by quoting the infamous financial shark, “Stephen Schwarzman, the Blackstone founder and Wall Street powerhouse,” saying that when he heard that a “fellow billionaire was preparing to enter the race, he thrilled to the idea that a candidate was at last rallying to the capitalist cause in a contest he worries has drifted dangerously to the left....”

There are for sure, loonies on the left, but the FT is right in there with them. The article croons that a Bloomberg campaign will “offer pragmatic solutions” to such issues as climate change, “on which the former mayor has a long record.” This refers, of course, to Bloomberg’s signature campaigns, “Beyond Coal” (with the Sierra Club,) and “Beyond Carbon,” to eliminate all U.S. coal plants by 2030.

The FT stresses the value of Bloomberg’s riches for his election campaigning, reporting that on Nov. 15, “Mr. Bloomberg launched a $100 million online advertising campaign to target Mr. Trump in battleground states.”

The New York Times piece, by their columnist Bret L. Stephens, former Editor in Chief of the Jerusalem Post offers the argument, “A Bloomberg-Trump contest would be one between a maker and a faker.”

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