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Putin Blasts Abandoning Hydrocarbons as Going Back to the Caves

Nov. 20, 2019 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin said abandoning hydrocarbons would end civilization and send humanity back to living in the caves, reported TASS today. Putin was speaking at the “Russia Calling!” VTB Capital Investment Forum.

He stressed that Russia is a responsible country that works to make its energy balance “as green as possible,” as TASS reported, using hydropower generation, nuclear generation and gas generation to a significant degree. “In this sense, discarding the purest hydrocarbon like gas seems utterly bizarre. When these types of ideas [the complete abandonment of hydrocarbons] are promoted, it seems to me that the human race may find itself again in caves, just because it won’t be consuming anything,” President Putin said. “Technologies are such that right now mankind cannot survive and preserve its civilization without raw hydrocarbons, without nuclear energy, and without hydropower.”

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