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Desperate Media Cover Up Ukrainian Deputies’ New Revelations, Exposing Burisma and Biden

Nov. 22, 2019 (EIRNS)—New revelations published as the result of a Nov. 20 press conference by Deputies of Ukraine’s Verkhovna, Rada Andriy Derkach and Oleksandr Dubinsky, in which they alleged that Hunter Biden received $16.5 million from the Burisma firm, and that that money itself was stolen from the Ukrainian people, prompted a panicked response in American media to black out their charges.

According to NBC, the first U.S. accounts of the story appeared on Zero Hedge, with over 10,000 users engaging with them on Facebook on this story, “which was shared to dozens of pages that totaled more than 3 million followers.” The Daily Beast reported Nov. 21 that “right-wing Twitter feeds in the U.S.” covered the story, “until Twitter suspended one of the sites pushing that fake news, and others quickly deleted their posts.” NBC insisted the charges were “a misleading claim,” and an “incorrect story seizing on some truthful elements while wildly extrapolating others to offer conservatives and Trump loyalists a welcome alternative to the day’s news” on the impeachment front.

Fiona Hill used her cameo appearance on Capitol Hill to explain that “a fictional narrative” of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 elections was being pushed. And Atlantic Council senior fellow Anders Aslund was trotted out to say that the two Ukrainian lawmakers were “not credible.... These two both are professional disinformers. Anybody who’s anybody knows about these two. They are not credible.”

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