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Hong Kong Municipal Elections Take Place in Relative Calm, with Very High Voter Turnout

Nov. 24 (EIRNS)—The final results of the Hong Kong municipal elections are not known at this time, but they occurred under conditions of relative calm, and with a record-breaking 71.2% voter turnout. Leaders of the Maidan-style violent demonstrations a few days ago insisted on a suspension of violence so that the elections could proceed, since they hope to increase their representation on Hong Kong’s district council. The government also deployed police and other forces to ensure that voting could proceed.

According to BBC and other media, a record 4.1 million people registered to vote, more than half the population of 7.4 million, and of them, 71.2% cast their ballots. Leaders of the protest movement were claiming early advances, while making it clear that they intend to resume their violent war against China in short order. USA Today wrote that “pro-democracy activist Tommy Cheung and student activist Lester Shum were among the early winners. Cheung described the results as a ‘tsunami.’ ”

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