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Journalist Solomon Counters Colonel Vindman on Actual Ukraine Facts

Nov. 25, 2019 (EIRNS)—Investigative journalist John Solomon, who is out of step with the media narrative on Ukraine and President Donald Trump, is being punished for it. The Hill, where he was executive vice president for video, forced him out and now is taking his prior columns and literally rewriting them online. He is regularly attacked in the major liberal media. And Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, National Security Council Ukraine expert hailed as a media “hero” in the impeachment hearings, testified that Solomon’s columns were “false.... All the key elements were false. The criticisms of corruption [in Ukraine] were false.” The “corruption” Lt. Col. Vindman wanted to pronounce as “false” was primarily that of Vice President Joe Biden, viceroy of Ukraine after the neo-Nazi-driven “Maidan” coup.

Solomon, on Nov. 22 published, on his own “John Solomon Reports” blog, “Responding to Lt. Col. Vindman about my Ukraine columns ... with the facts.” His “28 facts” are documented in painful detail with nearly 100 links to official documents of both countries, video statements, testimony, interviews. They are arrayed to form a chronology of Biden’s submitting Ukraine to his will, and the country being used in operations against Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. Facts 3-9 are particularly damning.

The facts with their documentation should be read and listened to, at thelink below, to know what the intense debate over policy toward Ukraine—“Impeachment Phase III”—is actually about.

Solomon concludes simply: “Lt. Col. Vindman, if you have information that contradicts any of these 28 factual elements in my columns, I ask that you make it publicly available. Your testimony did not. If you don’t have evidence these 28 facts are wrong, I ask that you correct your testimony....”

For the full and truthful account of “Phase III” of the attempted British intelligence coup against the President, of which the recent hearings are demonstrated to be a part, watch the LaRouche PAC webcast with Barbara Boyd and Matt Ogden: “President Trump Impeachment Coup Update—November 23, 2019,” also available in mp3 format on SoundCloud.

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