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President Trump Reiterates, My Job Is To Defend the Presidency

Nov. 26, 2019 (EIRNS)—The judicial dueling over the British drive to overthrow the elected President of the Unites States saw two differing decisions so far this week.

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that President Donald Trump’s financial records do not have to be handed over to the House of Representatives, for now. A frustrated CNN reported: “The ruling is a win for Trump, who is fighting on several fronts to shield the records from becoming public. In a brief order, the court granted the President’s emergency request to block a subpoena from House Democrats to his long-time accounting firm from moving forward. There were no noted dissents.”

Federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, on the other hand, ruled that former White House counsel Don McGahn must testify before Congress, as House committees have demanded. The judge reportedly equated an assertion of executive privilege as equivalent to acting as a king.

The ruling will be appealed, but President Trump responded in a tweet yesterday that what is at stake, here, is protecting the U.S. Presidency.

“The D.C. Wolves and Fake News Media are reading far too much into people being forced by Courts to testify before Congress. I am fighting for future Presidents and the Office of the President. Other than that, I would actually like people to testify. Don McGahn’s respected lawyer has already stated that I did nothing wrong. John Bolton is a patriot and may know that I held back the money from Ukraine because it is considered a corrupt country, & I wanted to know why nearby European countries weren’t putting up money also. Likewise, I would love to have Mike Pompeo, Rick Perry, Mick Mulvaney and many others testify about the phony Impeachment Hoax. It is a Democrat Scam that is going nowhere but, future Presidents should in no way be compromised. What has happened to me should never happen to another President!”

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