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Sheekey Argues Bloomberg Has To Run, or Trump Will Win, and Impeachment No Help to Democrats

Nov. 28, 2019 (EIRNS)—In an interview on PBS’s “Amanpour & Co.,” with Cristiane Amanpour yesterday, Michael Sheekey, campaign manager for the unelectable Michael Bloomberg, said quite openly that the billionaire is getting into the presidential race because, otherwise, Donald Trump is quite likely to be reelected.

Sheekey explained that the electoral outcome will really be determined in just six states—Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona—not nationally. And, he went on, if the election were held today, Trump has a “pretty clear shot” of winning all six states.

To Amanpour’s question whether Trump could win, “even with the impeachment process?” Sheekey conceded, “I worry a lot that we’re setting ourselves up for impeachment, acquittal and reelection.” Of course, he asserted, everyone is “outraged” by Trump’s behavior, but the impeachment process “is not helping in the places where this election will ultimately be decided.” He described that there are 31 Congressional districts in the country that are swing districts. Last year, Bloomberg spent time and a lot of money to focus on 24 of those races—all Republican—and 18 Democrats were elected. But, he warned,

“if you’re in one of those districts today and you’re a moderate member of Congress, almost all of them would tell you today, these impeachment hearings are threatening their reelection.... Those are the districts too, where we tilt the Presidential election ... which by definition means that these impeachment proceedings are making the President’s reelection more likely, not less likely.”

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