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Expert Obliterates New York Times Claim That FBI Didn’t Stick Spies in Trump Campaign

Nov. 29, 2019 (EIRNS)—Veteran intelligence expert Larry Johnson today obliterates a Nov. 27 fake news piece by the New York Times on the forthcoming report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, that “Review Is Expected To Undercut Trump Claim of FBI Spying,” by exposing as the Johnson’s headline puts it: “Yes, There Were FBI Informants, But They Were Paid by the CIA.” Johnson’s counter to the Times lying was published today in the “Sic Semper Tyrannis” blog of Col. Pat Lang.

First, Johnson states that, indeed, FBI agents were deployed as informants against Trump. For example, there was the FBI undercover agent who posed as an assistant to Stefan Halper during a London meeting with George Papadopoulos, in 2016.

Then, Johnson gets to his main point: “The New York Times is simply doing preemptive spinning about the Horowitz Report, without knowing what the conclusions are.” He says,

“It is highly likely that paid FBI informants were spying on the Trump campaign under the auspices of the CIA. Since Inspector General Horowitz has no purview or authority to investigate the CIA, he will (and has done so) punt that issue to Prosecutor John Durham. Therefore, a conclusion that the FBI was not dispatching known FBI confidential human sources to spy on the Trump campaign is not proof that no spying occurred. As they say in Paris, au contraire.”

Johnson continues: “Let’s start with the facts,” and lists what he calls “at least three DOCUMENTED FBI Confidential Human Sources aka spies targetting the Trump campaign”: “Gennady Vasilievich Vostretsov aka Henry Oknyansky aka Henry Greenberg,” Felix Sater, and Christopher Steele, upon all of whom he elaborates.

Johnson concludes:

“We know of two other ‘spies’ that were targeting the Trump campaign as well—Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud. Neither were on the payroll of the FBI. Halper’s money was coming via a DOD contract and we do not yet know who was bankrolling Mifsud. If it was not the CIA, then it was a foreign agent other than Russia.

“Here’s the bottom line—the spying against the Trump campaign goes way beyond the boundaries of Inspector General Horowitz’s authority and ability to investigate. That is being done by John Durham, the special prosecutor designated by Attorney General William Barr. And Durham is conducting an extensive investigation of the spying. The Horowitz report is just the beginning of the unraveling of the plot to destroy Donald Trump.”

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