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‘Impeachment Post’ Seeks To Start Fight between Trump and Zelensky

Dec. 2, 2019 (EIRNS)—Washington, D.C.’s flagship paper, the Washington Post, which honesty in advertising would be the Impeachment Post, devoted a front-page lead today to trying to strike up conflict between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky—part of the intelligence agencies’ objective of sending Ukraine back to war against Russia.

The piece, entitled “Ukraine’s Zelensky Is Making Headway Against Corruption. But the Fight Risks Angering Trump,” conveying the idea of Zelensky being caught between Trump and attorney Rudy Giuliani, and fighting corruption. Its sources are routinely identified only as “Ukraine activists” or just “activists,” giving U.S. intelligence Ukraine experts and Ukraine officers cover. Zelensky must fire certain prosecutors, it says, who, claims the Post, are somehow linked to Giuliani. Zelensky’s political ally Igor Kolomoisky must leave Ukraine, and Zelensky must sue his Privatbank for billions—otherwise, no IMF loans. Joe and Hunter Biden “will not” be found involved in any corruption; “Ukrainian activists” not otherwise identified say all corruption at the Burisma company occurred before the “Maidan” insurrection.

As for the Maidan coup itself, the Post pronounces that the “activists” involved simply wanted “clean government and economic ties with the EU.” The door, it hopes, is thus closed to the investigation of LaRouchePAC’s documentation since 2014 that it was a coup run—using fascist organizations—by the British Empire, the State Department, and the CIA.

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