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Pelosi Announces House Moving Ahead with Impeachment Articles against President Trump

Dec. 5, 2019 (EIRNS)—Following a wild, yet, at the same time ultimately boring television show hearing Dec. 4, involving three unhinged Democratic constitutional law professors, who are all members of RESIST, and one calm Democratic constitutional law expert, Jonathan Turley, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, appeared today at 9 a.m., in the white pants suit protest colors first donned for the President’s January 2019 State of the Union, and announced that there was no choice but to proceed with impeachment, according to the teleprompter from which she read.

She first referred, ominously, to the Declaration of Independence, a fact noteworthy for those who were actually listening to the seditious claptrap she was peddling. She attacked the Article II powers of the President, without any reference to the fact that the founders, having suffered under the weak executive of the Articles of Confederation, actually made the President more powerful than a king. She then talked about Donald Trump undermining the national security policy of the United States without any reference to the fact that, constitutionally, the President sets that policy. When asked later in the day whether she hates Donald Trump, she lied, waved her arms wildly, and declared herself a Catholic who hates no one, while, at the same time declaring the President a coward.

Yesterday’s law professor show was even more horrifying to anyone who knows anything about the law or the Constitution. Similarly horrifying was the mental map of the Democrats at the hearing—they were delusional, irrational, and incapable of responding realistically to reality. To the average person, however, the whole event would simply appear bizarre, completely disconnected from any reality they might know, the type of weird ivory tower escapade their sons and daughters tell them about if they made the mistake to send them to the modern American academy.

The three professors opined endlessly about the legal basis for impeachment when the actual articles the House is now promising to draft had not yet even been written. Led by Stanford’s Pamela Karlan, it was a circus act for their RESIST audience, advocating an argument about the Constitution’s impeachment clause which would not be recognized by the founders. In brief, it allows for impeachment based on any subjectively perceived abuse of presidential powers rather than the specific and objective high crimes and misdemeanors set forth in the Constitution.

Karlan, who refers to herself as “a snarky, bisexual, Jewish woman” has publicly and proudly said she was triggered by even walking by the Trump Hotel in Washington and crossed the street to avoid it. Another gem concerns her claim that liberals tend to want live in close proximity to one another because of their superior social skills and that conservatives have to spread out across the country to avoid conflict. Presumably this is her explanation of the electoral college win by Trump. Doing her best to imitate the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, Karlan seemed to be yelling most of the time. She even went so far as to make a crude joke about the President’s 13 year-old-son, Barron, prompting a direct and angry response from First Lady Melania Trump.

Karlan opined on everything, including foreign policy, saying, “This is not just about our national interests to protect elections or make sure Ukraine stays strong and fights the Russians so we don’t have to fight them here, but it’s in our national interest to promote democracy worldwide.” There it was, again, the delusion and big lie that there is an active war between Ukraine and Russia peddled endlessly by our political establishment in order to provoke that very war.

Professors Noah Feldman and Michael Gerhardt provided emotional support to Karlan’s rants about the founders and how genocide and foreign wars are in our national interest. Otherwise, they had long ago expressed their support for impeaching the President on any ground which might be found, well before the current phase of the coup.

In contrast, Jonathan Turley provided a 51-page discourse on the Constitution to the panel and told them that impeachment of an American President cannot be based on rage, that the record for impeachment was flimsy and did not set forth a crime by the President, and called the Democrats’ constant claim that resort to the courts by subpoenaed witnesses constituted obstruction of justice, an actual abuse of power by Congress. Turley made a passionate appeal to his former Democratic allies, citing the words of Thomas More about the consequences when the law is abandoned for exigent and irrational passion. LaRouche PAC will be producing a new video on this hearing, highlighting Turley’s remarks on the Constitution along with some profound video clips from Lyndon LaRouche concerning the Constitution’s governing natural law Preamble.

There is presently no known schedule for further impeachment proceedings in the House. There are splits concerning what articles will actually be drafted. And, there is presently no schedule for a vote other than the statement that it will occur before Christmas.

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