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Former Defense Secretary Cohen Believes Putin Will Help U.S. and Iran Make Peace

Jan. 8, 2020 (EIRNS)—Former Clinton Secretary of Defense, William Cohen—a Republican—told CNBC on Jan. 7 “I believe that President Putin is going to try and step in and be the peacemaker here,” said Cohen. “I think Putin is going to move in and say, ‘Let me help you solve this problem for you, Donald.’ ” CNBC further quotes him as saying, “I’m a bit more optimistic that the Russians will come in as a peacemaker.”

Moreover, getting U.S. troops out of Iraq would be “something that the Iranians want and something that the Russians would be happy with,” Cohen said. Russia is now a “major player in Syria and throughout the region,” Cohen stated. “They’re going to come to the rescue at some point on Iran as well.” He also said the Russians would pressure Iran to compromise on the nuclear issue.

In the 5-minute posting of the interview Cohen reiterates three or four times that he believes Putin will intervene and that would be positive.

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