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New York Times Argues China’s Providing Jobs for Poor Uighurs Violates Human Rights

Jan 8 (EIRNS)—CGTN’s Liu Xin, host of “The Point with Liu Xin” broadcast, has provided some accurate statistics on the remarkable transformation under way in China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Uighur Region, both with the defeat of Wahhabi terrorism and the alleviation of poverty in the province, which is among the poorest regions of China. She then ripped into the insanity of the Dec. 30 New York Times article, “Inside China’s Push To Turn Muslim Minorities into an Army of Workers.”

Liu Xin reported government figures that show the following:

• In the first 11 months of 2019, some 75,000 jobs for poor residents were created, while 180,000 people were provided with free vocational training (probably referring to those described by the New York Times as prisoners in concentration camps).

• Over $300 million was invested in “start-ups” in the first six months of 2018 to promote jobs and entrepreneurship.

• Poverty in Xinjiang fell from 22.8% in 2014 to 6.5% at the end of 2018, with 2.3 million citizens lifted out of poverty. The goal of reducing that to zero by the end of 2020 is on target.

• Some 2,400 villages which had little or no electricity have been fully electrified, providing power for 9 million people.

What do New York Times scribblers Chris Buckley and Austin Ramzy say about this phenomenal transformation? Slave labor! Communist labor camps! Here are some of their quotes:

• “The Communist Party wants to remold Xinjiang’s minorities into loyal blue-collar workers to supply Chinese factories with cheap labor.” Providing jobs to the poor is a human rights offense!

• “The order from Chinese officials was blunt and urgent. Villagers from Muslim minorities should be pushed into jobs, willing or not. Quotas would be set and families penalized if they refused to go along.” Liu Xin asks: “What does this mean exactly? Are they physically marched to their office or place of work? Do they face retribution?”

• “Such orders are part of an aggressive campaign to remold Xinjiang’s Muslim minorities—mostly Uighurs and Kazakhs—into an army of workers for factories and other big employers.” My God, the Chinese are making them factory workers! One can understand their horror, as the Times has been at the center of shutting down American factories for years.

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