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Willy Wimmer Tells Merkel To Promote a Trump-Putin Meeting in the Spirit of Westphalia

Jan. 13 (EIRNS)—Former German government official Willy Wimmer echoes as Helga Zepp-LaRouche—almost. He calls for a Trump-Putin meeting, not yet a Trump-Putin-Xi summit, but one good step “in the spirit of Westphalia.” Wimmer wrote in Sputnik Deutschland on Jan. 9 that Merkel’s Jan. 11 visit to Moscow to talk with Putin “makes sense only if she brings a date for a summit between President Putin and President Trump, or if this develops out of her visit.”

“In Moscow, the German Chancellor should make clear that in the future and in its relationship with Moscow, Germany will be determined by the spirit of Münster and Osnabrück [Westphalia] in 1648 and the Congress of Vienna in 1815: A policy of good neighborliness, mutual benefit and effective conflict avoidance in accordance with the applicable rules of international law and its mutual development.”

Wimmer however does not hide his skepticism because Merkel “should ask herself whether, through her collaboration with the domestic political haters of President Trump, she has not largely helped create the situation in which President Trump finds himself today.

“For years, President Trump has been careful not to rely on the ‘deep state’ and not to let the intelligence services have a monopoly over his own actions. He has properly led a fight against the deep state, only now to become its top executor. It was and it is now a question of whether President Trump, in view of the global problems that could be the ‘end’ for the entire human species, is able to come to an understanding with other states, above all Russia, and to implement it with deeds.

“Every day, one is shocked at what is being done to prevent a meeting with Putin and Trump. You have a President who wants peace and must see how they take aim at him. The German Chancellor, of all places, is at the head of the European alliance against President Trump. Not that President Trump’s only response is his attempts to torpedo Nord Stream 2.”

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