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Schumer Impeachment Push Doesn’t Play in New York City Housing Meeting

Jan. 27, 2020 (EIRNS)—Sen. Chuck Schumer dropped by a meeting to help out his friend Assemblyman Harvey Epstein, who was being grilled by constituents over a draft bill to enact new regulations on New York’s Housing Development Fund Corp. Apparently Schumer thought he could impress the New Yorkers with “war stories” from the impeachment “front line.”

Assemblyman Epstein was having trouble, mid-afternoon, dancing around demands to “explain” a new draft bill that would enact burdensome regulations on the Housing Development Fund Corp. (HDFC) and take away autonomy given to the owners for 50 years.

Under the guise of “stopping by to see my old friend,” Senator Schumer waltzed into the meeting and started to brief everyone on the “two very impressive impeachment articles” the U.S. House had generated and sent to the Senate. Schumer said the President had been caught trying to rig the 2016 election and that if he were allowed to succeed, the people “will lose their faith in democracy.” He assured his listeners, “You don’t have to commit a crime to be impeached,” referencing some unknown instance.

Schumer then said of his “juror in the Senate trial” persona, and that he had not “made up [his] mind yet,” since all the evidence had not been presented.” Then he asserted that “80% of the public agrees we should have witnesses and documents,” and concluded, “We are just seeking the truth.”

When the Senator then started a personal attack on the President, some homeowners raised a sign, “Homeowners will first say what’s best for HDFCs,” and one angrily and loudly said, “This isn’t about HDFCs.” A few more irritated audience members chimed in angrily, that this was “wasting our time, protect our homes!” A panel member for Assemblyman Epstein then condescendingly retorted, “Show some respect!” to which an agitated elderly woman in the audience, remarked, “Respect works both ways,” clearly viewing Schumer’s takeover charade as insignificant and/or offensive, given they were not being allowed to discuss the subject of the meeting.

Schumer’s final barrage was that “Fox News is totally controlled by Trump,” and he then exited. Assemblyman Epstein, left alone to address a draft bill about as popular as Schumer, began some attempts at appeasement.

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