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Pat Lang Asserts, ‘Bolton Bombshell’ Comes from Covert Warfare Center, and Wants FISA Judge Impeached

Jan. 28, 2020 (EIRNS)—As the “Bolton bombshell” dominates the airwaves, military intelligence official Col. Pat Lang (ret.) charged that “there is an operations center or ‘war room’ somewhere that researches political vulnerabilities and serves them up seriatim to ‘the resistance.’ ” He specified: “As a former practitioner on behalf of the U.S. government of similar dark arts in covert warfare, I recognize this pattern of behavior.”

That pattern is: “Since the day Trump was inaugurated there have been continuous and unending propaganda and political warfare themes and memes launched against him in the interest of either outright overthrow or of dirtying him up so much that he cannot be reelected. As soon as one effort goes down, another immediately surfaces. Think about that pilgrims. Think about it,” Lang wrote on his “Sic Semper Tyrannis” blog today.

Lang called for FISA Court Judge Rosemary Collyer to be impeached, on Jan. 25. Collyer presided over the FISA Court until the Horowitz report and what followed from it “unmasked” her as “a co-conspirator of the FBI in framing [Carter] Page,” Lang wrote. He summarized how Collyer “made a living hell” of Page’s life, with FBI connivance, “for the purpose of gaining legal authority to surveille the Trump political campaign.”

Collyer, he reported from firsthand knowledge having testified in her district court several times, is “extraordinarily pro-DOJ,” bending over backwards to do its bidding. Therefore, “in my opinion, her conduct in the matter of the FISA warrant against Carter Page should be examined with a view to impeachment and removal.”

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