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Working People Pour Out for Trump at South Jersey Rally

Jan. 29, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump held a campaign rally at the Wildwood Convention Center on the South Jersey Shore, a New Jersey beach town (year-round population of under 5,500 people) which caters to not-wealthy families. Trump told the rally that some people had advised him to hold this rally in the far bigger Meadowlands Arena in North Jersey, but he had said no, “I want to be with our friends in South Jersey.” LaRouche activists attended the rally in force.

The turn-out was huge, primarily by the working people Hillary Clinton had dismissed in 2016 as “deplorables.” Somewhere between 160-175,000 people requested tickets to attend the rally; the hall overflowed its normal capacity of 7,500. People started arriving 48 hours in advance; hundreds and hundreds camped out overnight in the January cold. Tens of thousands of those who couldn’t get in watched the rally on a big screen outside, and the town’s bars were full of others watching it on live television.

Trump chose South Jersey, because its U.S. Congressman, Jeff Van Drew, was one of three “brave and principled Democrat lawmakers,” as Trump put it, who had refused to vote for the impeachment hoax; Van Drew was so disgusted with the anti-Constitutional antics of Pelosi et al., that he then switched parties to join Trump’s Republican Party.

Trump’s campaign manager reported that 26.3% of the people requesting tickets were self-described Democrats, and over 10% of them did not vote in the 2016 election. He called the numbers overall, “mind boggling.” Noting these figures, the Washington Examiner wrote that “almost half of the attendees at Trump’s recent rally in Ohio identified themselves as Democrats or independents, and almost 60% identified the same way at a rally in Wisconsin.”

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