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New York Times Broadcasts Traitors’ Next Step in Its Coup Attempt against Trump

Feb. 1, 2020 (EIRNS)—Having now suffered both the exposure in the Mueller report that the collusion delusion was a fraudulent coup attempt by British and American intelligence operatives, and the exposure of the Ukraine impeachment clown show as a frantic diversion and cover-up of the massive corruption of the Obama-Biden Administration’s criminal role in Ukraine, the New York Times has now presented the game plan for the traitors against the elected U.S. President. In an editorial signed by “The Editorial Board” today, the Times denounces the U.S. Senate as “dishonorable” and accuses Republican legislators of having “abdicated their duty by refusing to seek the truth.”

The Times gives its game plan away today, saying that leaks from fired National Security Adviser John Bolton’s book “appeared to confirm the core of the impeachment case against Mr. Trump,” and proclaiming that not hearing from Bolton as a witness “can only embolden the President to cheat in the 2020 election.” Therefore, the Democrats must keep up the clown show:

“Make no mistake: The Senate may acquit Mr. Trump, but it will not, it cannot, exonerate him. Mr. Trump is the most corrupt President in modern times, a reality Americans will continue to be reminded of—by continuing investigations by the House, which should immediately issue a subpoena to Mr. Bolton; by a trio of cases in the Supreme Court that seek to reveal Mr. Trump’s shady finances; and, of course, by the behavior of the man himself.”

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