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Mouselini Bloomberg’s Dumpster Fire in Iowa

Feb. 4, 2020 (EIRNS)—As of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 4th, the Iowa Democratic Party is only able to announce 62% of the results of the nation’s first presidential vote of 2020. The competency jokes abound. Disaster, catastrophe, national crime, Democratic Party implosion, debacle, were only some of the terms being hurled around the media all day. The National Security Agency’s former Technical Director William Binney compared it to the rollout of the computer program which was supposed to register people for Obamacare, but crashed. Wags on the internet are asking, was the app that didn’t work, which is allegedly responsible for this, programmed by an angry former coal miner from West Virginia who was told by all these Democrats to give it up and learn to code?

It seems clear that very weird things are happening around two people—Pete Buttigieg and, the person who will emerge shortly out of this—Michael Bloomberg.  In the count the Iowa Democratic Party released at 5 p.m., Buttigieg had a small lead over Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren was in third place, and Joe Biden, well, he just crashed and was in fourth place. There was a huge and very suspect gap between the first five, which included Amy Klobuchar, the most colorless candidate ever, and the people placing at less than 1%, who included Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. Gabbard, Yang, and Sanders were all wildly popular with Iowa’s young people. Iowa’s Democrats could not state when the rest of the purported results would be available.

The final and definitive Des Moines Register poll, which usually plays a huge and significant role in pulling out votes for the caucuses, was pulled from release based on a complaint from Buttigieg. It, like a reliable vote count on the day of the caucuses, simply did not happen. That poll showed, according to reliable leaks, a Sanders romp. That is why John Kerry was overheard in an expletive-laced rant in Iowa on Feb. 2, stating that Sanders was about to destroy the Democratic Party, and he was actively thinking about declaring himself a candidate.

Equally embarrassing, according to Politico, was the total turnout. According to the fantasies of the swamp in Washington, turnout was supposed to be extraordinary because of the fired-up base which hates the President. It was not, although those figures also are MIA. Politico says it was on a par with 2016, the turnout for the Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders squeaker which had the depressed turnout often associated with Hillary Clinton.

Over at Max Blumenthal’s Grayzone is an article thoroughly documenting the province of the deranged app, which it is claimed screwed everything up. It comes from a dark money-funded group which calls itself—wait for this—Shadow, Inc. Shadow is funded by Buttigieg-backer Seth Klarman, a hedge fund guy tied to the right in Israel, owner of the Times of Israel, and funder of other pro-Israel groups. The Wall Street Journal had signaled that therewere security concerns about the app well before the election.

The app, according to Blumenthal, was tested by a group called Defending Digital Democracy out of Harvard. Blumenthal cites the New York Times as his source for saying that Digital Democracy was founded by Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager Robby Monk, and by Eric Rosenbach from the Pentagon. Shadow is run by former Obama and Clinton staffers, and was a vendor to Buttigieg, who announced he had won last night, prior to any returns being available. Buttigieg, whose campaign is staffed and supported by spooks, has waged a campaign attempting to smear Sanders as an anti-Semite in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Klarman also is a major supporter, with George Tenet, of the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation. As Blumenthal says, the conspiracy theories just write themselves here.

So, Sanders’ supporters are going to be ripped and they will turn out accordingly in New Hampshire. Biden and Warren trail there, as does Buttigieg. Biden may make something of a comeback in South Carolina, but Michael Bloomberg is madly buying up the black vote there and nationally. The media have been clear today, the party is self-immolating, tearing itself apart, and one man stands ready to ride to the rescue. Bloomberg has already bought every single ad space available in the national media through the end of the primary season; there is nothing available for purchase by anyone else.

Some might compare the Iowa fiasco to Germany’s famous Reichstag Fire which put Hitler into office. That is because Bloomberg, like Hitler, is a Synarchist, the bankers’ candidate, a fascist. But let’s not magnify the significance, although last night’s fix was certainly shocking. Given that he is “Mini Mike,” as the President calls him, and the demonstrated incompetence of the Democratic Party to date, it is only a dumpster fire at this point, but a dangerous one which must be drowned.

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