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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Owes Her Job to Michael Bloomberg

Feb. 6, 2020 (EIRNS)—The House majority was flipped in 2018 because Sir Michael Bloomberg spent more than $112 million on a self-defined project to do exactly that in preparation for his 2020 Presidential bid. As a result, Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. The LaRouche Political Action Committee is presently examining Bloomberg’s independent expenditures, which were otherwise covered up right after the election, and then promptly buried.

The narrative which replaced the nasty reality of Bloomberg’s purchases had the Democrats supposedly recruiting new “fresh moderate faces” who campaigned and won on issues such as healthcare, etc., by going door to door. In reality, many of the “fresh moderate faces” were also former CIA or other intelligence officers, or former military from the U.S.’s forever wars, or lawyers. Of course, Bloomberg prefers prosecutors.

The profile that emerges is one in which Bloomberg seemed to be singularly focused on reinventing the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and Blue Dog Democrats, who functioned as the central political institutions of British neo-liberalism prior to Donald Trump’s 2016 election. He also supported a smattering of candidates running on identity issues, making this part of his mandatory apology tour for establishing credibility in a party obsessed with identity politics.

According to the New York Times, Democrats won 21 of the 24 races that Bloomberg targeted, including 12 considered toss-ups. He did so by setting up Independence USA PAC, which then did polling in targeted districts, produced a ton of digital advertising, and then bought television ad time massively and late in the campaign, for ads produced by companies he paid. This independent expenditure campaign made Bloomberg the largest Democratic donor in 2018, dwarfing both billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, who also spent heavily. For each of the races Bloomberg targeted, he spent $1-$3 million in independent expenditure ad buys.

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