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Draft Trump Executive Order Would Seek ‘Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again’

Feb. 6, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump has a draft Executive Order in the wings, whose title is reported as, “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again.” Various media report that the idea goes back a year, and is currently a seven-page text with guidelines. Today’s Chicago Sun Times quoted from it, saying that the document asserts that Classical Greek and Roman designs should be used. “Classical and traditional architectural styles have proven their ability to inspire such respect for our system of self-government. Their use should be encouraged.”

Speculation is that Trump may sign the order in a month or so. The implementation would come through the General Services Administration which contracts for federal government buildings.

A big flap has ensued over the concept of encouraging beauty. The American Institute of Architects is circulating a petition against the draft order, stating opposition in various terms, including against “Washington bureaucrats,” but otherwise declaring the idea that no one—not even governments—dare assert there are criteria for beauty.

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