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President Trump Takes a Victory Lap, as Pelosi Becomes Even Crazier

Feb. 6, 2020 (EIRNS)—At the National Prayer Breakfast this morning, President Donald Trump largely extolled the virtue of prayer, the sanctity of life, and the power of faith. He did hold up, as he walked in, the Washington Post with the word “ACQUITTED!” as its blaring headline. And he did remark that he struggled to forgive people who impeached him when he had done nothing wrong, and those who use their faith as a public prop for otherwise doing things they know are wrong, a remark that all understood was a reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was sitting right in front of him, and to Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, who cited his “oath to God” as the reason why he voted to convict the President on abuse of power charges during the Senate impeachment trial.

Pelosi, in the press conference which followed, came prepared to defend her act of ripping up the President’s State of the Union address from the podium of the House on Feb. 4, before a national television audience. She defended her bizarre behavior as an absolute necessity, because she was tearing up the “Manifesto of Mistruth.” Constitutional Law Prof. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School called for Pelosi’s resignation, saying she had effectively and forever disgraced the House with her behavior.

Pelosi suggested in her press conference that the President was sedated and on drugs at his State of the Union address, and boasts that she had succeeded in branding him with the “scar of impeachment” for life, regardless of the Senate vote. Thus, once again, she entered the insane Democratic echo chamber, which last week featured Rep. Adam Schiff insisting that the President was about to sell Alaska to the Russians, and this week has elevated Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, a man they all hate, into St. Thomas More.

At the White House at noon, a very happy President celebrated with his team from the Congress, his cabinet, and his family, in a nationally-televised rally addressed to the American people. He again held up the Post “ACQUITTED!” headline, and opened his remarks by stating that everything that had happened to him and his family since the election was “bullshit.” This, of course, sent the morality police among the Democrats and the media into frenzied hysteria, claiming to be shocked by the President’s “vulgarity.” He also promised there would be consequences for the actions of “dirty cops,” like former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and “evil and sick people,” like Pelosi and Schiff, who, he said, had not only tried to overthrow a legally elected President, but to also destroy the United States.

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