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Pompeo Tries To Box Trump into ‘All of Society’ War against China

Feb. 12, 2020 (EIRNS)—Fox TV host Lou Dobbs and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo teamed up last night for mutual Dr. Strangelove rants against “a highly sophisticated China that is expansionary and is insinuating itself into the very fabric of our society and our nation.” Pompeo threatened that Americans had better stay away from Chinese diplomats stationed in the United States, because they are “engaged in this activity—presumably of insinuating into [sic] our very fabric—and we just want everyone to be aware of the risks that are associated with activities that they may be undertaking.”

The clear purpose of the interview, however, was a fraudulent attempt to drag in President Donald Trump as sharing their rabid hostility to relations with China.

Not once did Pompeo mention Trump’s repeated statements in recognition of, and support for, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s efforts to make China great again, too. Instead:

Dobbs said: “The scale of what you are putting in front of us as a threat from the People’s Republic of China is massive. It is sophisticated. It’s complex.” Pompeo replied: “The President has talked about this.... We, for the first time, said, hey, here are the things that we want to do to protect the American people from this challenge that the Chinese Communist Party threatens.”

Dobbs asked about the case of China’s Thousand Talents Program at Texas A&M University, to which Pompeo replied: “People were unwilling to take on the challenge. President Trump is not willing to take”—he then corrected himself—“not afraid to take on that challenge. Our FBI, our Justice Department, are now working hard on these things.”

Dobbs continued: “It looks like a wholesale attempted buyout of our universities and our academics.” Pompeo replied: “The President has talked about this a lot. The theft of American intellectual property by the Chinese Communist Party is something that has been central. The President talked about this even in his campaign, even before he was elected....”

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