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State of the Coup Unveiled as Roger Stone’s Jury Blows Up, and Barr Presses On

Feb. 13, 2020 (EIRNS)—Today’s Roger Stone story is not about Attorney General Bill Barr intervening to prevent a legal atrocity—a 9-year prison sentence for a first-time non-violent offender, which everyone admits is grossly excessive and not countenanced in any similar case. The revised Department of Justice recommendation is for three years at most, a pragmatic move aimed, many say, at paving the way to a presidential pardon, but still, completely unjust. Rather, it appears that the calculated move by four Mueller-era prosecutors, who resigned after Barr prevented their sentencing plan from proceeding, has backfired and the blowback endangers the entire Stone prosecution.

Tomeka Hart, the foreperson of Stone’s Washington, D.C. District Court jury, came forward on Facebook to defend the four Mueller Stone prosecutors, saying she just could not keep “quiet,” because they were so absolutely wonderful and were being abused. Subsequent investigations into her other social media posts revealed that she was a complete Russiagate/Robert Mueller partisan who hated the President and believed that anyone who supported him was a racist. Even while sitting on the jury, Hart was tweeting the New York Times, urging them to use more direct language in accusing Trump of committing crimes in his dealings with Ukraine. According to Fox News, in January of 2019, she retweeted a post by Bakari Sellers that “Roger Stone has y’all talking about reviewing use of force guidelines,” before she suggested that “racism was the reason” for all the attention Stone’s brutal arrest had received from conservatives.

Otherwise, it has been widely reported that the DOJ is investigating the origins of Ukrainegate and that the U.S. Attorney’s office in Pittsburgh has been assigned to investigate Rudy Giuliani’s claims and documents. It seems clear that the outrageous sentencing memo on Stone was a stunt deliberately designed to provoke Barr’s necessary reaction and create the current outrage against him and calls for his impeachment. The objective is to prevent a full investigation of Russiagate and Ukrainegate in which the Democrats, the media, and the British-seeded intelligence community remain dangerously targeted and exposed.

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