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Pelosi Insists on Threat from China’s Huawei, as Lawmaker Asks ‘Is Your Democracy So Fragile?’

Feb. 15, 2020 (EIRNS)—In her speech at the Munich Security Conference yesterday, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned countries to steer clear of Chinese tech giant Huawei as they build their next-generation cellular networks, showing her “solidarity” with Pompeo and Esper’s anti-China diatribes there. Pelosi, however, was called out by one of China’s top female legislators.

In the discussion period, Fu Ying, former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, now chairwoman of the China’s National People’s Congress Foreign Affairs Committee, politely informed Pelosi that when China first opened up, 40 years ago,

“all the technologies came from Western countries, from the developed world. China has maintained its political system, the system led by the Communist Party, and has become successful, not threatened by the technology. How come, if Huawei’s technology with the 5G is introduced into Western countries, then it will threaten the political system? Do you really think that the democratic system is so fragile that it could be threatened by this single, high tech company of Huawei?”

which drew considerable applause.

Pelosi, utterly disconcerted, attempted to sputter incoherently above the ovation for Fu: “Let me just say that—let me say to those of you who are applauding back there, that Huawei was created by reverse technology of American initiatives—that was one of the main ways they got started. So, yes, we take—we know the capabilities that Huawei has.

“We don’t want to emulate the Chinese system. We do not want to be arresting millions of Uighurs, threatening Tibet, in terms of its culture, religion and faith, undermining democracy in Hong Kong, etc. So, it isn’t a question of, ‘We have Huawei and we are a model, so why are you afraid of Huawei?’...

“I tell you, unequivocally, without any hesitations, be very careful when we go down this path, unless you want to end with a society like China, or an economy like China, which is not in the free enterprise mode.... If you want a free flow of information, if you want to build a collective conscious of values and respect for human rights and the rest, don’t go near Huawei.”

A preceding question from an unidentified individual probably got Pelosi going on her destabilization, asking: “I very much appreciated your comments on China and our Huawei 5G. Does it mean that you agree in substance with the China policy with President Trump?”

Pelosi first agreed they agreed, but then stopped, before going on à la Pompeo and Esper: “This is so predictable, I don’t know why it’s not self-evident to everyone that you do not want to give that power to an entity created by the People’s Liberation Army. Okay, so that’s where it came from—if they had an idea, good. But it is in furtherance of—and you know what, I’ll say this other thing: there are all kinds of aggression.

“There’s aggression into another country, as we saw with Ukraine. There’s aggression—economic aggression and the rest. This is the most insidious form of aggression. To have that line of communication, 5G, dominated by an autocratic government that does not share our values.”

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