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Chinese Labs Make Breakthrough in COVID-19 Test Kits, with Results in 15 Minutes

March 12, 2020 (EIRNS)—On Feb. 15, CGTN announced that China’s state key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases had developed a COVID-19 detection kit that delivers results in 15 minutes, requiring only one drop of blood from the patient.

When some clinically-diagnosed patients whose nucleic acid tests showed negative for the virus, they were retested with the new kit, and most of the results showed positive for IgM antibodies. On a later date, March 4, a North Carolina company, BioMedomics, reported the same 15-minute results with one of its test kits.

Whatever may be the case, we can all be happy that such a test has been developed and used in China, which will hopefully be used here and around the world, sooner rather than later.

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