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World Going on Lockdown—Will Wall Street Be Locked Down?

March 24 (EIRNS)—Both the U.K. and India announced total lockdown over the past 24 hours. The nearly 1.4 billion people of India were informed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that there would be a “total ban on venturing out of your homes,” although grocery stores were included in the list of essential functions which would remain open. In the case of Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister held a phone conversation with President Xi Jinping earlier on March 23, preceding Johnson’s nationally televised address announcing the lockdown. Johnson told Xi that the COVID-19 situation in Britain is “grave,” and that “Britain has been studying and learning from China’s useful experience and taking scientific and effective prevention and control measures.”

The fact is that neither NATO nor the NATO countries have offered any significant help to the world’s many countries suffering from this historic pandemic. Even many of the European countries have turned to China and to Russia for help. China is now aiding at least 82 nations of the world, with shipments of medical supplies and teams of doctors and medical professionals. Chinese doctors held a videoconference with their counterparts in 24 African nations on March 18, and another with experts and officials in Latin American and Caribbean countries (those with diplomatic relations with China plus Nicaragua) today, both lasting over three hours. Russia has flown 14 cargo planes full of medical supplies, and a team of doctors, to aid the suffering Italians, while China has provided similar support.

The vile slanders against China in the U.S. press and from some members of Congress continue unabated, but the effort to turn President Donald Trump against China has fallen flat. For a few days last week he voiced some of the slanders about China’s supposed “responsibility” for the global disaster, calling it the “China virus,” but he has backed off from that, renewing his praise for President Xi and China, and stating that China is living up to its pledge as part of the trade deal to vastly increase the purchase of U.S. agricultural products.

The fact that international cooperation is absolutely necessary to defeat this “invisible enemy” is increasingly obvious to the people of all nations. It should be equally clear that the “sanctions” lunacy must be ended by all sides, as President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov observed today, while UN Secretary-General António Guterres today called for easing all sanctions, including those against Iran and North Korea, to help fight the virus. Guterres also called for a universal ceasefire in the various wars still raging around the world, so that all people can fight the common enemy.

But the underlying issue—the cause of the failure of the world’s public health facilities to be prepared to prevent the pandemic—must be addressed at the same time, or the virus, and new viruses, and other dangers facing the human race, will not be defeated. When Lyndon LaRouche forecast the outbreak of new pandemics in 1971, following the collapse of the Bretton Woods system on August 15th of that year, he identified the cause clearly: The breakdown of the credit-oriented system of FDR’s Bretton Woods would allow the British system of unregulated speculation to create new levels of poverty, the collapse of basic infrastructure investments, and the ballooning of speculative paper unconnected to real production.

This made LaRouche the sworn enemy of the Anglo-American financial and intelligence apparatus, leading to a political witch-hunt and his incarceration. But the failure to heed his warnings, and to implement his policies, led to precisely the existential crisis facing mankind today, as he forewarned. LaRouche’s widow, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, has insisted over these past troubled weeks, this crisis marks the end of an epoch of history. The system which has collapsed will never return. The premonition of a New Dark Age which is now confronting the conscience of all the peoples of this world can be reversed, but not by partial measures. The crisis itself creates the condition in which the required revolutionary changes can be made, and must be made.

President Trump knows that Glass-Steagall must be restored, and knows that the American System of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt requires an end to the “Casino Mondial” centered in the City of London and Wall Street. It is an awakened and activated citizenry which is required to give the President the power to defeat the imperial monetarists, to bring the U.S., Russia, China, India—and all nations—together in the New Silk Road development of the world, a New Bretton Woods financial system, and to implement the scientific and cultural renaissance required to end the Empire once and for all through a new paradigm for mankind.

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