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Malthusian Genocide Lobby Launches Debate on Letting COVID-19 Patients Die

March 26 (EIRNS) —“Hospitals Across U.S. Consider Universal Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders for Coronavirus Patients,” the Washington Post informed us yesterday, in an article reprinted around the United States. The New York Times, true to its decades-long promotion of eugenics, has published four articles, minimally, in the past week on the question of “who shall live and who shall die” in this coronavirus epidemic.

Under conditions of shortage in a pandemic, such triage may occur. Doctors and nurses in Italy and Spain faced with such decisions leave their shifts traumatized daily over having to make such decisions. What is criminal, as well as immoral, is to propose to codify such triage as standard practice and induce people to accept it as “inevitable.”

The assumption embedded in this “debate” is that there are not and will not be enough medical personnel and equipment to try to save everyone who becomes critically ill—when what is needed is a debate over how to fill those medical shortages!

Dr. Deborah Birx angrily slammed the Malthusians’ campaign in the Thursday evening White House Coronavirus Task Force. “To wake up this morning, and see coverage about a do-not-resuscitate for all COVID-19 patients!” she exclaimed. “There is no situation in the United States that warrants that discussion. To say that to the American people....”

The Post story reports that “Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago has been discussing a universal do-not-resuscitate (DNR) policy for infected patients, regardless of the wishes of the patient or their family members.” The hospital has contacted Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to check if there were legal grounds for such an order, were it to do so. A universal DNR order would mean that critically-ill COVID-19 patients would not be ventilated, and they will die.

Why would a hospital contemplate such a monstrous decision? Because there is not enough of the high-level personal protection equipment (PPE) to protect doctors and nurses from the aerosol spread of the virus that occurs with intubation for mechanical ventilation. Some doctors rationalize the measure, assuming that ICU staff would only gown up with full PPE when a patient needs intubation (not a quick procedure) so the patient “would be dead anyway” by the time doctor was ready to enter their room.

Why not do as China did, building modern hospitals in ten days’ time which had “clean corridors” and “clean” ICU wards for COVID-19 patients, in which all medical staff on duty were always gowned in hazmat-level PPE?

Such let-them-die thinking must be crushed quickly. Northwestern Memorial is not the only hospital where such orders are being discussed, although not all are contemplating a universal DNR. (After all, as one “bioethicist” worried to the Post, if it’s universal, young people, too, would die, along with all those old people who no longer deserve care.) Regional hospital networks such as “Atrium Health in the Carolinas, Geisinger in Pennsylvania and regional Kaiser Permanente networks are looking at guidelines that would allow doctors to override the wishes of the coronavirus patient or family members on a case-by-case basis due to the risk to doctors and nurses, or a shortage of protective equipment,” the Post reported.

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