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The Old System Shall Never Return; What Will Be the New?

March 28 (EIRNS)—The double virus facing all of humanity today—the corona virus threatening every nation, and the speculative virus doing the same—is increasingly recognized as a test of whether the human race has the moral fitness to survive. Shall we accept the dictates of London and Wall Street bankers, who transformed the world banking system from a Hamiltonian, creditary structure for enhancing productivity, into a vast casino run by vulturous speculators? The derivatives bubble they created, punctured first in 2008, was bailed out without any reform, leading, as Lyndon LaRouche warned, to the far bigger bubble which is now disintegrating.

Or, shall we come to our senses, and recognize that it was that foolish bailout—failing to stop the gambling through a restoration of Glass-Steagall and a new Bretton Woods—which created not only the new financial bubble, but which also caused the collapse of the productive process itself, leaving what President Trump has correctly labeled the “obsolete” system, lacking the infrastructure and the productive power required to run a nation, let alone respond to the greatest crisis facing mankind since World War II?

Further proof that the old system is finished, came from Europe over the past 24 hours, where the political leaders in France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain all declared that the European Union has failed and is unlikely to survive the coming weeks. The original creation of the EU was part of the “globalization” process—sacrificing sovereignty and national productivity in favor of short-term maximization of profits for the financial interests centered in the City of London. When the EU leaders met on Thursday, the desperate appeal of the southern European countries (disdainfully labeled the “PIGS” by some oligarchs: Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) to suspend EU spending limits and to create new bonds to meet the existential health and economic disaster facing their populations, Germany, Holland and Austria said “no,” agreeing only to meet again in 15 days. The response was severe, and revealing:

French President Emmanuel Macron: “France stands besides Italy.... We won’t overcome this crisis without a strong European solidarity at the health and financial levels. Are the EU, the Eurozone, reduced to a monetary institution and a collection of rules that allow each state to act on its own?... If Europe can die, it is in non-acting.”

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: “The entire European construction risks losing its raison d’être. Inertia would deliver the immense costs of a devastated economy to our children.”

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis: “Yesterday’s EU summit meeting was not equal to the occasion. Europe is up against the greatest crisis since World War II. I am referring not only to the unspeakable human tragedy where developed countries are forced to choose who will live and who will die. I am also speaking of the economic tragedy.”

Italy’s Lega Nord party chief Matteo Salvini denounced the 15-day delay, “with people dying—of pneumonia today, maybe of poverty tomorrow. It is anything but a ‘Union.’ This is a nest of snakes and jackals.”

The return of euthanasia, as seen in the “triage” referenced by Mitsotakis, as well as the introduction by the Washington Post of “Do Not Resuscitate” plans for COVID-19 patients, and the “herd immunity” argument of the Imperial College London, must be recognized as fascist to the core. The cause of this global crisis is not “too many patients,” but rather it is the intentional takedown of the medical infrastructure by the likes of Wall Street’s Sir Mike Bloomberg, who shut down twenty hospitals in New York City while he was Mayor.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche today addressed the world in a virtual town hall meeting, titled “An Apollo Mission to Save Mankind—Building the Health Silk Road.” She highlighted President Trump’s hour-long discussion with his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping on Friday night, with both leaders praising the cooperation between the two great nations, and the urgency of collaboration of all nations in meeting the COVID-19 threat.

And yet, Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to press for confrontation and war, declaring China a “threat to our health and our way of life, as the Wuhan virus [sic] outbreak has demonstrated.” He called on the G7 nations to join the United States in protecting the world from China’s “malign influence and authoritarianism.” Why has he not been fired, as his cohort John Bolton was?

Trump will not succeed in his best intentions without an awakened and activated citizenry, in the United States and around the world, fighting to stop the rush to economic holocaust and world war, by bringing the world’s leaders together, including minimally Trump, Putin, Xi, and Modi, to establish a new paradigm for all nations, based on sovereignty and goodwill towards all people.

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